Were you recently in an auto accident?

It is not uncommon to suffer from overlooked injuries brought on by a minor car accident. The amount of damage shown on the car is not a good means of judgment for how much damage was inflicted on your own body. One of the most common symptoms is pain in the arms and hands, which results from an unnatural shift in the spine. We have seen these types of injuries many times before and are highly qualified to treat them.

“Whiplash” is a common term thrown around when a passenger of a car is suddenly jolted forward upon rear impact. Although it is not a visible injury, it has many repercussions within the body. The abrupt movement is capable of knocking the spine out of its natural alignment, while also straining muscles in the neck and back.This can result in acute to chronic pain that can be felt all over the body, depending on what nerves were impacted.

Medication alone can only help deal with the symptoms. To regain full mobility in the back and neck and permanently reduce pain, the spine must be examined for misalignment and be adjusted by a chiropractor.