Did you get hurt playing a sport?

The skeleton of an athlete experiences an enormous amount of pressure during play. Injuries are prevalent, but when the symptoms stick around for extended periods of time, it is often best to seek out a chiropractor to relieve pressure on the nervous system.

When spinal, shoulder, knee, or elbow joint, among others, is hyperextended or overexerted, the tendons and ligaments can suffer a tear or strain. The ligaments between the vertebrae of the spine, called intervertebral discs, can bulge or herniate if torn.

Rest is the best medicine in the case of these injuries, however, immobilizing oneself for too long can be harmful to the recovery process. It is suggested that an injured athlete seek help from a chiropractor to ensure the right balance between exercise and rest is taken. It is possible that icing, heating, compression, and elevation will be sufficient for recovery. However, sometimes joint manipulation is required, which our chiropractors specialize in.

Athletes make up a good portion of our clients, so if you are looking for a chiropractor to handle your sports related injuries, stop by and together we can find a solution.