Injury Risks In Popular Spring Sports

Spring is a popular time for sports. The winter is over and many people are now getting back outdoors to get ready to participate in sports for the upcoming spring. This change also means that there is a chance for many injuries to athletes occur because of a number of reasons. Some of those reasons include the drastic change of climate and weather conditions for some sports.

Athletes have been accustomed to training and participating indoors when it’s cold but are now exposed to colder weather and other conditions, all of which can play a role in increasing sports injuries. People also tend to become a lot more active in the spring due to the weather so just starting to engage in intense physical activity again after a period of inactivity can increase the risk of injury alone.

Sports most commonly played during the spring include basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, and tennis, to name a few. These sports all require an intense level of physical activity which can cause a lot of stress on muscles, joints, and ligaments that have been dormant for months in the case of some people.

Most Common Types of Injuries Sustained And How To Prevent Them

The most common injuries that occur to athletes during this time of year are muscular injuries, and injuries to ligaments and joints. The most effective way to prevent injuries from occurring is to make sure that you prepare yourself for the demands of the upcoming season.

These injury risks can be prevented by using a prevention strategy that entails a physical check up, an effective warm up routine for the necessary areas of the body. Your muscles, joints, and ligaments will always be stiff before you start performing any physical activity so you need to make sure you warm up and stretch properly.

Start your warm up routine with exercises that gradually increase in intensity that are followed with stretching. Many common injuries in spring sports are to the muscles, ligaments, and joints. The most effective prevention strategy for these kinds of injuries is warming up and stretching rather than jumping straight into any physical activity.

Some of the most common ligament and joint injuries involve the knees, elbows, and ankles. These are particularly common in sports like baseball, basketball, tennis, and volleyball to name a few. Again, just like for muscular injuries, you can minimize the injury risk to these areas by doing appropriate warm ups and stretching.

You need to warm up as per normal but also include exercises that make sure the knees, elbows, and ankles are ready for physical activity. You can help prevent knee injuries simply by bending the knees up and down, left and right, and even circular motions. The same kind of stretching applies for both the elbows and ankles as well.

Muscular, joint, and ligament injuries are the most common for spring sports. The most effective way to reduce injury risks to these areas is by ensuring you have an effective prevention strategy involving warming up and stretching of the areas most commonly affected.

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