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Pinched Nerves

Nerve roots stem off the spinal cord at each level to relay information from the brain to the organs and tissue.

Lower & Mid-Back Pain

Back pain can be a factor of dysfunctional movement in the joints or misplaced discs in the spine.

Neck Pain

The neck is the most concentrated area of nerves in the body. Pain can be the result of a number of causes, including physical, emotional, and chemical stress.

Shoulder Pain

Often times, pain that is felt in the shoulder is connected to pain that arises in the nerves stemming from the neck.

Disk Herniation

Caused by wedging of the cartilage disc between vertebrae, disc herniation will cause the openings along the spinal cord that provide passage for nerve roots to narrow.


Caused by the bulging of a lower disc applying pressure to surrounding nerves, sciatica often results in a sharp, lingering pain felt in one or both legs.




“I was patient here for three months after shattering my elbow snowboarding. The team is phenomenal. The physical therapists worked with my arm in a way I’ll never forget! Yet what I enjoyed most was their accommodating approach. They give each patient one-on-one time during every session. And Dr. Kelly and Dr. Visco truly love helping patients. Even the receptionist is amazing. She worked with my schedule and always found a way to get me in. I totally recommend The Spine & Sports Health Center to anyone”
– Jerome D.




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