Rating Sleeping Positions

One of the things that everyone has in common is that we all sleep. However, the way in which we sleep can vary greatly from one person to the next. Each sleeping style can have a certain effect on our bodies. To find out how your sleeping style affects your body, check out the information listed below.


Sleeping on your back is great for your spine because it helps make sure that your head, spine and neck remain in a neutral position. By sleeping in this position, you will not be creating any extra curves in your spine. However, while this is considered the best sleeping position, it is not great for those who snore, but it does help prevent acid reflux, wrinkles, and neck and back pain.

Right Side

This is also a great location for your spine because it can help keep it elongated. However, it can cause you to develop wrinkles because of the location of your face on your pillow. It does help to eliminate snoring, but does not do much for acid reflux issues.

Left Side

There is very little difference between sleeping on your right side versus sleeping on your left side.  Sleeping on the left side of your body helps improve your blood flow through your body. As well as the right side, the left side will help to elongate your spine and will solve the issue of snoring. However, if you are looking to prevent wrinkles and acid reflux, the back position is a better one to choose.


The stomach is the worst position to sleep in for a number of reasons. For starters, it does not allow your neck and spine to stay in a neutral position. This is the sleep position that is most likely to cause massive amounts of back and neck pain when you wake up in the morning. It can also put pressure on your joints and muscles and irritate your nerves as well. However, it will help to eliminate snoring if this is an issue.


In the end, it is suggested that you sleep on your back or on your side. According to chiropractors, there are benefits of both in regards to your spine. While sleeping on your back helps the natural curve of your body, it is likely that you will need additional pillows to help achieve the best position for your spine. You should also select a pillow that offers additional support to help keep your neck in the natural position.

Sleeping on your side is suggested by chiropractors as the best sleeping position for your spine. It is suggested that you place a firm pillow between your knees so that you can eliminate pressure on the joints of your knees and hips.

Above all, you chiropractors say that you should never sleep on your stomach because of the damage that it does to your spine. Instead, choose a more spine friendly sleeping position so that you can make sure that the pain that you normally experience in your neck and back is eliminated.

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