5 Ways to Cope with Back Pain While Pregnant

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One of the most common issues that women face when they are pregnant is back pain that grows as their baby grows. Back pain can become quite bothersome and even excruciating as the woman progresses throughout her pregnancy. However, there are several remedies that a pregnant woman can do to help ease this pain.


Participating in pregnancy yoga or doing stretching exercises is also a great way to loosen up the muscles of the back. You should always make sure that you have a way to balance yourself during yoga to keep you and your baby safe. Yoga can be very helpful relieving back pain that women experience during pregnancy. By doing yoga and stretching all your muscles, you will be allowing your pelvis and spine to move freely which will minimize the pain that you feel. Staying active during pregnancy make for a more comfortable experience and reduces the risk of complications as well.

Work your Core

You should always talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise program while you are pregnant. Most doctors recommend that you stay as physically active as you were before becoming pregnant. Building up the muscles in your core is one of many great ways to lessen the amount of back pain that you will feel while you are pregnant. This can also help you gain a bit of stabilization.

Spine Alignment

While you are pregnant you should become aware of your posture. Being more conscious of how you sit or stand is another way of eliminating back back, especially if you are unable to exercise while pregnant. For example, while you are standing try to place equal weight on both of your feet and tuck your tailbone slightly in order to counteract the swayback curve that you most likely have. This allows for more space and length between your vertebrates so it can restore the natural curves so you spine can bear the weight of your body.

Pregnancy Massage

Many massage parlors have a special massage called a prenatal massage that is available to pregnant women. This can be very helpful to alleviate the back pain felt by women during pregnancy, as well as a great way to help them relax a bit. Massages loosen up the muscles in the body to help rid it of tension and stress. This is a great gift to offer a woman who is pregnant as well, so keep this in mind for baby shower gift ideas.


Acupuncture is an ancient art that helps to alleviate pain and regulate the blood flow throughout the body by way of particular pressure points in the body. Acupuncture has various benefits for those who are dealing with back pain or other pains while pregnant. Since it is a holistic approach you can receive it during pregnancy knowing that you and your baby are safe.


Many women suffer from back pain while they are pregnant, but by relying on these treatments and ideas, they will be able to alleviate their pain. Since it is a common discomfort during pregnancy, many women believe that they simply must live with the back pain. That it is part of the beauty of carrying a child for nine months, while it is beautiful, it is not the case.

Since every pregnancy is different, it can be difficult to say whether certain women would be at risk or not with these activities. It is best to talk to your doctor before you try any of these methods, just to make sure that they are safe for you, your baby, and any conditions you may be experiencing.

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