3 Simple Sciatic Pain Solutions


Sciatica can be very painful for those who suffer from it. It is caused by an irritation to the sciatic nerve, which is the longest nerve in the entire body. Normally, this pain is felt starting in the lower the back and then travels behind the thigh and radiates below the knee. There are several treatment options available, but they vary depending on the severity of the sciatic pain.

At times, pain from the sciatic nerve is caused due to a lumbar disc herniation. This disc will press on the nerve, which can cause pain. Pain can also be caused by a pinched nerve as well as irritation from adjacent muscles, bones, tumors or an infection.

If you are suffering from sciatic nerve pain, it is best to see your doctor as soon as possible to discuss treatment options. However, there are times when it is not possible to see your doctor immediately and you will need to relieve pain until you are able to schedule a visit. Here a few ways pain can be alleviated without a visit to the doctor.

1. Rest

The first step to relief is rest. This is especially important if you have recently gone through an injury that has caused sciatic nerve irritation. Resting will help speed the recovery process and prevent further irritation.

2. Ice

You can also apply ice to the area that is in pain. Ice can help to eliminate swelling as well as reduce tension. This can help to remove some of the discomfort from sciatic pain until you are able to get to the doctor. Leave the ice packs on for around ten to twenty minutes and repeat three or four times each day.

3. Medication

Medication can also help to remove the pain as well. Purchasing over the counter anti-inflammatory medicines can reduce swelling and irritation. However, your doctor may elect to prescribe you pain medication when you engage in an office visit.

While you may be able to manage your pain at home you will need to visit with your doctor in order to determine what needs to be done to correct the issue permanently. Scheduling a prompt visit can prevent future complications from occurring.

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